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Philae is an isle in the Nile river in Egypt, and was one stage for events that occurred in 1933, when a cultist group led by Imhotep stopped to set up camp on the island for one night.


Philae consisted mostly of ancient buildings that had once designated the isle as a temple. At about 2000 B.C., priests and other high-ranking figures still visited Philae.

Alex O'Connell had worn the Bracelet of Anubis, which revealed the pathway to find the Scorpion King, an ancient warlord's whose downfall promised power to whomever defeated him in battle; the Bracelet that Alex wore led him, as he was being forced by a group of cultists, to Karnak first before it led them all to Philae, where they stopped for the night.

As he had done before in Karnak, Alex emptied his water pitcher given to him by the cultists and used the water within to make a small sandcastle-like sculpture with the surrounding sands: the object shown was the temple of Abu Simbel, the next destination for his parents, which was concealed by Alex's brown jacket.

Behind the Scenes

The Aswan Low Dam was completed in 1902 and the island itself suffered some damage, as its temple paintings were washed away; in 1960, however, UNESCO began a project to restore it and the buildings were all restored on the nearby island of Agilkia, which would put them all on higher ground.[1]


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