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Pollux was a valiant Illyrian warrior and supposedly the leader of his minor fellowship, which was later held captive in Knossos, Greece. He accompanied both Ashur and Mathayus in their divergent escapades and was an exceptionally skilled warrior himself.

Early Life

Pollux fought the battle against Hittities, alongside Ashur, who supposedly saved his life during the battle. Pollux was in debt of Ashur, since he extricated him from the clutches of death. He later, assisted Mathayus, on account of his debt. He later revealed that they (Ashur and Pollux) ruined cities during their era, and left the streets running red. He later formed a fellowship of five Illyrian warriors, including him. They were later held captive in Minotaur's Labyrinth located in Knossos, Greece.


"What fresh Hell is this?" Pollux alongside his fellowship, assisted Mathayus to defeat the Minotaur, when he came to know about his father. Later, Ari proclaimed that the Underworld possessed a handful of valuable jewels. During their quest, he praised Mathayus's valor and retribution. His companions were lost to the Swamp of the Dead, Pollux did not notice their absence until he heard Baldo's scream and turned to find his allies gone. He attempted to find them but was unfortunate. Enraged at Ari for leading his men to their demise, Pollux attempted to kill him, but Ari pointed out a ruby to distract him. Pollux took the ruby and admired it and was too late in reaching the portal, and he was turned to stone.