Rat gizzards. They smell bad and taste worse, but that's the best the desert has to offer.

Rick O'Connell (first screenplay draft), The Mummy

Rats are small fur coated rodents.

About the size of a fist with a pointed snout and long scantly-haired tail, rats are often found in such locales as streets, sewers, and gutters. Rats also resided in Hamunaptra and were one of the naturally-occurring creatures of the City of the Dead. If starved, rats will often cannibalise one another as food, and will eat anything that they can, some particular rats devouring the High Priest Imhotep's tongue when it was cut out in 1290 B.C by the Medjai. Rats could also be cooked and eaten when food was in low supply; though having both a bad smell and taste, rats were the best foodstuff that the desert could offer.


Behind the Scenes

The rat shown in the film was a live rat that was placed on Rachel Weisz's chest during filming, causing her reaction of panic to be genuine.

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