Resurrecting The Mummy is a book written by Pat Cadigan to explain the making of the first film in the “The Mummy” series. It was published on January 1, 1999 A.D by Ebury Press.

Publisher's description

Some 3,700 years ago, Egyptian high priest Imhotep is entombed alive for blasphemous crimes...Jump forward to the 1920’s and two teams of archaeologists inadvertently disturb the tomb, resurrecting, after thousands of years, the Mummy!

In this book, author Pat Cadigan takes us on a fantastic journey to see the making of the incredible spectacle that is Universal Studios’ THE MUMMY. She looks at the meticulous research that the production team made into the mysteries of the ancient pharoahs; and travels from Shepperton Studios in London to the deserts of Marrakesh to see how a movie of this scale is really put together.

RESURRECTING THE MUMMY profiles the film's actors in depth as they work on the film: Brendan Fraser, who stars as dashing adventurer Rick O'Connell; Rachel Weisz, the beautiful librarian Evelyn Carnahan; and John Hannah who plays her wayward brother. With over 100 photos and artworks, find out firsthand what it is like to be on a desert adventure within the walls of an ancient Necropolis.

Finally, travelling to San Francisco, the book looks in detail at the jaw-dropping special effects work of Industrial Light and Magic, who created so much of this adventure, including the fantastic “plagues” that the terrorizing Mummy visits on the people of Cairo, and of course, their brilliant work in creating the unique star of the film, the terrifying Mummy himself...

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