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I only gamble with my life, never my money.

–Rick O'Connell to David Daniels, The Mummy

Richard "Rick" O'Connell is an American adventurer and a former Colonel[1] of the French Foreign Legion. Married to Evelyn Carnahan and father of Alex O'Connell, O'Connell has gone on many adventures, has seen many exotic locales and has encountered many different peoples and customs. His adventures took a supernatural turn when he encountered the evil resurrected mummy Imhotep.

Perhaps born in Chicago, Illinois, O'Connell's father Jack O'Connell may or may not have left his family out of shame of being branded Medjai. It is possible that O'Connell's mother soon died of unknown causes, leaving O'Connell to grow up in an orphanage in Cairo, Egypt. While in the orphanage, O'Connell was branded with the Medjai's trademark tattoo.

Once grown, O'Connell dedicated time to several adventures alongside his friend and accomplice Izzy Buttons, including misdeeds such as bank robberies. He abandons this path to enlist in the French Foreign Legion, joining expeditions to the ancient Egyptian necropolis Hamunaptra. Rick is one of two survivors and returned three years later to stop the ancient mummy Imhotep's revival with archaeologist-turned librarian Evelyn Carnahan. O'Connell falls in love with her during the expedition, and they marry shortly thereafter. Imhotep would, however, resurface in Rick's life several more times, forcing Rick to defeat him with the help of his family.

Alex and Rick's relationship suffered strain as Alex left his family to join the United States Air Force. Their relationship improved years later when they collaborated to defeat the ancient Chinese immortal Emperor Han. Rick's adventuring days took a toll on his health, including almost being hanged in the Cairo prison, being strangled by Imhotep, and killing the Emperor Han.


Early Life

Richard O'Connell was born in Chicago, Illinois, US, in 1902 to an Irish-American explorer named Jack O'Connell and his American wife. From his father's side, he is a descendant of at least one Knight Templar.

When Rick was no more than ten years old, Jack left his wife and Rick, never to return, ashamed of his status as a Medjai.[1] At some point in his childhood, Rick spent time in a Cairo orphanage and received a mysterious tattoo on his right wrist, unknowingly marked as a Medjai: a member of the society of warriors who dedicated themselves to guarding Hamunaptra, the ancient Egyptian City of the Dead. He was also taught by someone, possibly his father, a specific response phrase used to identify western Medjai.

Unaware of the meaning of the sacred symbol, Rick would take care to conceal it for many years afterward by wearing a leather wristband.

At some point in his life, Rick joined the French Foreign Legion, rising to the rank of Colonel and became friends with Beni. After an event in Hamunaptra, Rick abandoned the legion.

Misdeeds with Izzy

Remember that bank job in Marrakesh?

Izzy Buttons reminding O'Connell of one of his past deeds., The Mummy Returns

O'Connell's many past exploits led to trouble later on; at least one known act involved a "bank job" in Marrakesh with his friend Izzy Buttons as an accomplice: Izzy was meant to fly low in his plane and hide while O'Connell would signal his friend to come in for the pickup; as Izzy was caught and shot, O'Connell nonchalantly walked up with a belly dancer girl at his side. This would be one case which Izzy Buttons cited in later years as his reason for not wanting to work with O'Connell.

Several other misdeeds with Izzy included shaving Izzy's head and waxing his legs to use him as a surfboard in Tripoli and Izzy doing "unspeakable things" to a camel at the Cairo Opera House on New Year's Eve in 1923 A.D.


Rick O'Connell in Cairo Prison.

Who are you? And who's the broad?

–O'Connell meeting the Carnahans in Cairo prison., The Mummy

Once O'Connell had made it back to civilization, he spent three years in rags, meandering about Cairo and ending up in a tavern where he was pick-pocketed by an Englishman in a cream-coloured jacket, who had taken his box, and a bar fight ensued that saw O'Connell arrested and taken to Cairo prison, ostensibly under the charge of deserting his post in the French Foreign Legion. In Cairo prison, O'Connell had met the prison warden, Gad Hassan, whom he despised and spared no chance at making things difficult for, including insulting him outright. O'Connell, then behind bars, was soon after visited by Evelyn and Jonathan Carnahan, who had come to ask of the small puzzle box that O'Connell had found while at Hamunaptra. O'Connell eyed Evelyn with some interest, and divulged the story of how he had found the box: he had been at the city when he found it, recognising Jonathan as the man that picked his pocket and took the puzzle-box from him. Jonathan was thus punched hard in the face by O'Connell, and asked by Evelyn if he remembered the way back to the ruins so that he might take her there: O'Connell beckoned for her to come closer so that he could whisper through the bars, but grabbed hold of her and kissed her, telling her to get him out of prison.

At that moment, the guards in the cell seized the American and beat him, taking him away as they did. The warden stepped on the scene and revealed to Evelyn and her brother that the guards were taking him away to be hanged. Evelyn pointed out that the Legion had no presence in Egypt, to which the warden explained that for a fee of fifty pounds, the prison executed deserters and saved the Legion the trouble of dealing with them.

Evelyn attended the hanging, despite the warden's disapproval, and tried to barter for O'Connell's freedom as the guards tied the ropes around O'Connell's neck. As the rope was being tied, the hangman asked O'Connell harshly if he had any last requests: O'Connell curtly replied to the hangman that he loosen the knot and let him go. The hangman called out the request to the warden, who sat watching from his seat, and who shouted back that he would not be let go. The execution was continued as Evelyn offered more money to the warden, who would hear none of it, and who laughed loud as O'Connell fell down the scaffold, his neck not breaking when he fell. Now strangling, O'Connell watched as Evelyn bid more money to the warden, and finally revealed that O'Connell knew where Hamunaptra was located. The warden did not believe this at first, but was soon coaxed to release O'Connell as he was offered twenty-five percent of the profits made from the ruins' discovery.

At Giza Port

Rick meets the Carnahans at Giza.

Given twenty pounds to clean himself up, O'Connell had showered, shaved, and had a haircut, travelling to Giza Port to meet the Carnahans, while encountering a number of beggars and hawkers, giving no money to any of them. Evelyn suspected that O'Connell would take the money only to spend it all in some bar, and even expressed her disapproval of him; being surprised when he showed up at the ports a new man: shaven and clean. Jonathan stepped forward and patted O'Connell on the chest in affection, O'Connell promptly running his hand inside his jacket where Jonathan had patted him to ensure that Jonathan was not pick-pocketing him; Jonathan stated that he was not and that he would never steal from a partner, expressing no hard feelings at being punched earlier. Evelyn then stepped forward and asked O'Connell to look her in the eye and promise her that he was not conning her out of her money, but O'Connell made it clear that he was cheating no one, as his former garrison believed in Hamunaptra so much that they, without orders, marched through Libya to find the city, finding only death instead. Taking his charges' bags, he sullenly walked into the boat. At that moment, another man stepped forward: Warden Hassan, who had stated that he was coming along on the expedition so as to protect his investment. Warden Hassan casually told O'Connell that there be no hard feelings, with O'Connell sourly replying that if the Warden ever needed a necktie, all he had to do was to ask.

Aboard the Boat

I only gamble with my life, never my money.
Never? What if I was to bet you five hundred dollars says we get to Hamanaptra before you?

–Daniels making a wager with O'Connell., The Mummy

With the four expeditionaries aboard the riverboat Sudan, the mission continued as the group would travel one day by boat and two by camel. Sharing a dining table with others including a pair of missionaries, a group of big-game hunters, and commercial travellers, O'Connell and his fellows spoke not of their goal to anyone else. Dinner arrived, and O'Connell greedily devoured his food almost without tasting it, as Jonathan sat astonished at O'Connell's appetite, remarking that he was eating everything but the tablecloth. O'Connell replied that it was a wise move as they would not be dining the same way in the desert. Jonathan considered the notion and began eating the same way.

Rick confronts Beni.

After dinner, O'Connell found Jonathan at a table on deck, playing poker with three Americans; the Americans asked O'Connell if his goal was really to find Hamunaptra as Jonathan had said. O'Connell confirmed it, and subsequently placed a wager with the Americans for five hundred dollars, though somewhat cross at Jonathan for his being loose-lipped about their goals.

That night, O'Connell met with Evelyn, who derided the idea of evil being beneath the sands in Hamunaptra, and who was still somewhat resentful of the forced kiss back in the prison. After revealing that he was about to be hanged and that it seemed like a good idea at the time, Evelyn crossly stormed off. O'Connell then heard a familiar voice tittering: Beni Gabor, the Legionnaire that had almost seen him dead, who he had almost killed on the spot only to relent upon hearing Beni's pleas to think of his children, to O'Connell replied that Beni had none; O'Connell then learned that Beni was leading the Americans through the desert to find Hamunaptra, and that Beni would have been as quick to leave his employers to die in the desert had they not made sure to pay him half of his commission at the beginning of the voyage.

After being asked by Beni why he was returning to Hamunaptra, O'Connell pointed to Evelyn, remarking that she had saved his life. Beni mocked O'Connell's reason, to which O'Connell responded by throwing the Hungarian into the river. As O'Connell was about to enter the boat he noticed a set of wet footprints coming from the port side of the boat and heading into the cabins. Suspecting the worst, O'Connell immediately barged into Evelyn's quarters with his guns drawn, and found that Evelyn was being held hostage by a man clad in black robes. Shooting the man's accomplices, he mistakenly blasted an oil lamp off the wall where it fell on a sofa and set fire to the room and, leaving the attacker wounded (as Evelyn had jabbed her assailant in the eye with a candlestick), O'Connell quickly escorted Evelyn out of her quarters, but when he saw that she ran back into the burning room to retrieve the map and puzzle-box, he firmly pulled her back, saying he was now the map.

Rick O'Connell blasts away the Medjai.

A battle ensued aboard the riverboat, which saw much destruction as the Medjai warriors had set fire to bales of hay, which caused much of the riverboat to burn up. O'Connell quickly drew out his guns and began firing back at the Medjai, taking down a number of them. Noticing that the majority of the passengers were jumping ship and swimming ashore, he found Evelyn and asked her if she knew how to swim.

Receiving "yes" as an answer, O'Connell threw Evelyn into the drink, and turned about to fight more Medjai, almost being best when one warrior punched him repetitively, at which point O'Connell finally managed to get the upper hand, and punch the warrior back, sending the man into a burning cabin. As he was about to jump ship, he was waylaid by the Warden, who asked frantically what they should do; O'Connell told the Warden to remain aboard as he would go get help and, leaving the Warden aboard to figure his rushed joke out, O'Connell jumped ship as well as the others.

Journey to Hamunaptra

Making it to shore, the American and his charges had lost almost everything from their tools and equipment to Evelyn's clothes, and perhaps worst of all was the notion that they had been left without horses and camels to take them to Hamunaptra. Beni had found O'Connell as he was on the other side of the river and pointed out mockingly that his group had taken all of the horses; O'Connell responded by telling Beni that his group was on the wrong side of the river, receiving foul language in Hungarian from Beni in return.

The next morning, O'Connell and his group were rescued by a number of Bedouin traders that had seen the smoke coming from the river Nile and had helped O'Connell and his group to obtain more tools and equipment for a nominal fee With four mounts obtained from a local trader, as well as some equipment and rations, the group set off into the Sahara, travelling through sand and desert, stopping to rest for a short while in an oasis, where O'Connell managed to obtain some drinking water from an old well. Once at the oasis the group proceeded to rest for a few hours, to continue their journey and avoid the sun beating down on them.

During this, Evelyn asked to climb into Rick's tent, as the desert night was so cold, but left before her brother and the Warden awoke and saw this, getting the wrong impression. Upon waking up, O'Connell urged the others in his group along, and it was there that he knew he was falling in love with Evelyn, as she was falling in love with him. As the group trekked on, they came across an area of sand that had bleached human bones sticking out of it: O'Connell remarked that knew one of them, as the Warden remarked that the bones were those that had also sought Hamunaptra.

Get ready for it.
For what?
We're about to be shown the way.

–O'Connell and Evelyn in the desert as they reach the ruins., The Mummy

That morning, O'Connell and his group had encountered Beni Gabor, along with his three American employers, their consultant, and a number of native diggers in the middle of the desert, and told his three fellows to get ready, as the sun would rise and lead the way to Hamunaptra. The sun rose, and the four treasure-seekers, followed by the larger group hurried to the ruins through the sands in a race. As O'Connell ran to the ruins, Beni appeared on his camel and began whipping out at O'Connell with his camel whip. As Beni continued hitting O'Connell, he came in close enough on his camel that O'Connell could yank the knave by his scarf and fling him to the ground, leaving his rival in the dust. Evelyn had eventually reached the ruins first, winning her five hundred dollars, which O'Connell reminded the Americans that they owed her.


You scared the bejesus out of us, O'Connell.

–Henderson and O'Connell's groups meet at gunpoint in the catacombs., The Mummy

Rick, Evelyn, Jonathan, and the Warden face off against Beni, the Americans, the Egyptologist, and their diggers.

Upon reaching the ruins, O'Connell and his group made use of a naturally-occurring chasm in the ground to reach the subterranean tunnels below, using a rope to rappel down into the tunnels. Once the group had reached the underground tunnels, they had come into a chamber known as a Sah-Netjer, a preparation room for entering the afterlife. Journeying further into the tunnels, the group heard a loud chattering noise, which O'Connell suggested as insects.

As the group continued their tour of the tunnels, they reached the statue of Anubis, which had once been located on the ground level and had since sunk to the underground tunnels. Strange sounds began to ring out from one side of the statue, and three of the explorers took out their pistols to try and face whatever was causing the trouble, only to see that it was the three Americans, their guide, their consultant, and a group of diggers. An argument over who should get the right to dig at the base of Anubis' statue took place, with the Americans and their diggers winning the argument: Evelyn, however, was unswayed as she knew that below the statue of Anubis was yet another chamber. Surrendering the chamber with the statue over to the larger group, O'Connell and his companions continued on about their work in the chamber below.

Rick, Evelyn, Jonathan, and the Warden travel through the underground tunnels.

During their digging, Evelyn explained conversationally the process of mummification to O'Connell, who found it to be a grisly concept. At that moment, Jonathan, who was using pebbles and a mallet to play a game of golf, knocked a pebble that loosened the ceiling, jarring loose a massive slab of stone onto the floor.

The slab was a sarcophagus that was buried at the base of Anubis, indicating that the occupant was one of great importance, or that he had committed a serious crime. Examining the coffin further, the three found that it had a lock that could only be opened with a certain key- the puzzle box that Jonathan had owned before Evelyn had taken it from him. Placing it on the lock, the group knew that the key pertained to that coffin. At that moment, however, their attention was turned away as the Warden ran screaming down a corridor and clawing at his head. Pushing the others out of the way, Hassan ran directly into a stone wall, killing himself Attack on the Camp That night, the group was shaken somewhat by the Warden's death, as it had caught them all by surprise; O'Connell then stated that the Americans had had their own problems, as three of their diggers were melted by salt acid in a booby trap at their dig site. As Jonathan remarked that the City of the Dead might really be cursed, Evelyn scoffed the thought away, as O'Connell asked if she didn't believe in curses. O'Connell remarked that he believed in being prepared, cocking his rifle, and taking it with him as he went to investigate the sound of horses approaching. At that moment, a number of Medjai warriors came storming into the camp, killing off diggers left and right. O'Connell fought against them, as did Jonathan, Burns, Daniels, and Henderson, with Evelyn shooting one or two Medjai, until the leading Medjai, the Ardeth Bay, overpowered him with a scimitar. O'Connell then reacted by reaching for a stick of dynamite and lighting it.

Ardeth Bay, seeing this, called off his warriors, declaring that they would kill no more, but that the explorers must leave Hamunaptra within one day. The Medjai then rode out, instilling the belief among the three Americans that there was a treasure, as the Medjai were so intent to guard the ruins. O'Connell pointed out that the Medjai were desert people, valuing water above gold. With that, the expeditions decided to move their campsites closer to one another for protection. That night, O'Connell, having had access to the late Warden's supply of whiskey, gave Evelyn, who had helped herself as freely as Jonathan and O'Connell had, a lesson in fist-fighting, which brought Evelyn to reveal her past: her father, once a great explorer, had loved Egypt so much that he married an Egyptian woman, who had been Evelyn's mother. Evelyn was then coaxed to reveal that she was no adventurer or treasure seeker, but was a librarian above all else. She then was about to kiss him passionately, but passed out drunk Finding The Mummy The next morning, the three treasure seekers, suffering shortly a hangover from the Warden's whiskey, continued on about their work prying open the sarcophagus that they had found. Evelyn drew out the key and placed it on the lock-like marking that was on the surface of the sarcophagus lid, noting that the sacred spells had been chiselled off, condemning whoever was in the coffin not only for his mortal life, but in the Afterlife as well.

This barely registering to O'Connell and Jonathan, the two men proceeded to continue to pry open the lid after the key had been turned. From within the stone coffin popped out a decayed, skeletal mummy that had burst out due to the pressure built up in the coffin, frightening all three explorers. O'Connell wondered if the mummy was supposed to look as rotted as it did, and Evelyn stated that she hadn't ever seen a mummy look as though it were still rotting before. O'Connell pointed out some markings within the coffin lid that Evelyn saw were made with fingernails, indicating that the mummy had been buried alive; the markings read: "Death is only the beginning", the meaning of which the three explorers silently wondered. That night, around the campfire, O'Connell sat with Beni, roasting pieces of strong-smelling, hairy flesh, which Jonathan believed for a moment to be the late Warden's remains.

O'Connell explained that the meat was desert rat meat, which, despite its foul smell and taste, was the best food that the desert could offer. At that moment, O'Connell had been shown by Henderson a jewelled canopic jar, which he, along with his fellows, had taken, from the chest that they had found at the statue base, each man present takes one each. Burns added that he heard that O'Connell's group had found a mummy, which Burns and his friends laughed at. Evelyn then stepped in among the others to reveal what she had found: scarab skeletons, the remains of the flesh-eating beetles that had killed Imhotep; the scarabs had been thrown into his coffin as they slowly ate him alive, for he had been condemned with the Hom-Dai curse, an ancient malediction that left whoever it affected to bring back the Ten Plagues of Egypt should they ever arise.

That night, Evelyn stole the Book of the Dead from Dr. Chamberlain as he slept, and Evelyn took the book back to her campsite to examine it, but she awoke O'Connell, who pointed out that she was stealing, but Evelyn insisted that it was borrowing. Evelyn then used the key to open the Book, which caused a gust of wind to blow through the camp, O'Connell remarking that it happened frequently there. Evelyn then proceeded to read the hieroglyphs in the Book, which she did not know at first, but were registering to the mummified corpse below that she and her friends had found.

The words had brought him back to life and he awoke shrieking. Dr. Chamberlain quickly woke up, screaming at Evelyn that she must not read from the Book. At that moment, a loud humming sound came from a far-off distance, and manifested itself as a great cloud of locusts that swarmed all over Hamunaptra, engulfing the campsites and its people, save for O'Connell, the Carnahans, the Americans, and Beni, who had all run into the catacombs below to escape the swarms. As O'Connell and the Carnahan siblings made it into the catacombs, O'Connell asked Evelyn if she believed in curses after having seen an effect of the curse manifest itself, but Evelyn replied that it was coincidence alone, and a moment later, she beheld another: the floor of the tunnels had been coated in frogs.

With that, the floor erupted in a large sandy pile as a massive swarm of scarabs crawled out of the floor, chasing the three explorers down the corridors, and as they ran, O'Connell shot at the swarms with his elephant gun, taking a few of the scarabs out. As the three ran, they escaped the scarabs by jumping onto ledges that were beyond the scarabs' reach, but Evelyn, leaning against a wall, sunk into it, unaware that it was a trapdoor. O'Connell and Jonathan tried to pry it open, but could not and quickly shifted their attention when they saw Henderson, Daniels, and a digger running from the scarabs again. Henderson, Jonathan, and Daniels escaped from the insects but the digger did not, tripping over a stairway instead, and O'Connell was about to go back and help the man but the scarabs killed the digger before he could get up. Moments later, O'Connell found Evelyn in a chamber where she stood silently, back against the wall, facing a reanimated mummy, the same mummy that had been found earlier on. Jonathan, Henderson, and Daniels wandered into the chamber and saw the walking corpse, which roared at O'Connell and Evelyn in anger. O'Connell mocking roared back and shot the corpse in two with his elephant gun, buying them all enough time to run from the mummy, which was piecing itself together as the explorers all ran. Making it back up to the ground level, O'Connell and the others stood facing the Medjai, who had outnumbered and outgunned them all, taking Dr. Chamberlain as a hostage.

The Medjai leader, Ardeth Bay, spoke: because the expeditions had refused to leave, their actions had doomed them all, as they had brought back to life an ancient evil that the Medjai had feared for millennia. O'Connell explained that he had shot the mummy, taking it down, but Ardeth countered that mortal weapons had no effect on the corpse, it being of another world. At that moment, two Medjai brought forth Burns, whose eyes and tongue had been torn out of his head, and his companions reacted in anger, blaming the Medjai for their friend's pain, but Ardeth explained that they had saved Burns from the mummy before it could finish killing him; Ardeth then ordered the expeditions to leave before the mummy could harm them as well. O'Connell insisted that he had dispatched the corpse, but Ardeth spoke clearly that the mummy was not of the mortal world, and, being a bringer of death, would not eat, sleep or stop bringing his plagues forth.

The expeditionaries all left Hamunaptra that night, leaving their equipment behind as they did. Burns, whose eyes had been taken from him, was being helped up onto his horse by his friends, who promised to lead him through the desert; Chamberlain had taken the Book of the Dead and was holding onto it intently, and Beni had been forgotten entirely.

In Cairo

I thought you didn't believe in that "fairy-tales-and-hokum" stuff...
Having an encounter with a three-thousand-year-old, walking, talking corpse does tend to convert one.

–O'Connell and Evelyn arguing back in Cairo., The Mummy

Two days later, O'Connell and the others had reached Cairo and stayed in Fort Brydon. As he and the others had been staying there, Evelyn decided that she would arrange a way to fight off the mummy and stay behind to do so; O'Connell tried to talk her out of it and get her to leave Cairo but Evelyn was set in her ways and decided to stay, despite O'Connell's insisting that they could do nothing to fix the situation. Resigning from the argument, O'Connell left Evelyn behind and headed downstairs where he met Jonathan and shared a drink, greeting a drunken aeroplane pilot named Winston Havelock, a friend of his, as he went to the bar. As O'Connell and Jonathan sat at the bar, they were joined by Henderson and Daniels, who were set to leave for Alexandria, but waited as the riverboat that would take them there would not leave until the next morning. O'Connell inquired about Burns' current state, and suggested getting help for him back in America. As the four men drank and toasted to Henderson and Daniels' departure, they drank their whiskeys and promptly spat the drink out, along with every other patron in the bar, for the drink had turned into blood: O'Connell then knew that the mummy had reached Cairo.Running from the bar, O'Connell met Evelyn and at that moment saw that hail and fire were falling from the skies, killing bystanders and tearing up buildings. As he and Evelyn stood witnessing the sight, Beni came running down the stairs of a nearby building, and O'Connell stopped Beni for a moment, but released him once he heard the mummy's distinctive roar.

Both O'Connell and Evelyn ran upstairs to see that Burns had been killed, his desiccated body on an armchair, and the mummy stood at the face of the room near a fireplace, regenerating his flesh and organs as it crept up his bones. The mummy then strode to O'Connell, who had begun to open fire on the corpse along with Jonathan, Daniels, and Henderson, but O'Connell had been thrown out of the way into the direction of the other three men. The mummy then leaned in closely to Evelyn, about to kiss her when Evelyn's white cat Cleo appeared, frightening the mummy off as he blasted from the room in a cloud of sand. Evelyn had led O'Connell, Jonathan, Daniels, and Henderson to the one man that she knew could give them answers as to what was happening: her employer, Dr. Terence Bey, but as she led them into the museum where she worked, she saw that Dr. Bey was standing with the Medjai warrior, Ardeth Bay, and both men were talking to one another; O'Connell, Jonathan and the two Americans drew out their guns but retracted them once Dr. Bey offered an explanation: he and Ardeth Bay were part of an ancient secret society whose task it was to ensure the protection of mankind by stopping the High Priest Imhotep from being reborn into the world.

Dr. Bey went on to explain that their mission was well worth the taking of lives: to stop the rebirth of an ancient evil, a few lives were a small price to pay. O'Connell asked why it was that the mummy Imhotep feared cats, and Dr. Bey revealed that as cats were the guardians of the Underworld, Imhotep would fear them until he was fully restored, fearing nothing after his restoration was complete. Evelyn revealed that Imhotep had referred to her as Anck-Su-Namun, trying to kiss her earlier. The curator revealed that Anck-Su-Namun was a woman that Imhotep had loved, and for their love, Imhotep was cursed; after three thousand years, Imhotep was still in love with her and was to try and raise her from the dead by using a human sacrifice: Evelyn. Dr. Bey declared that it might grant enough time for the creature to be killed, a notion that Ardeth furthered by stating that they would need all the help they could get, for Imhotep's powers were growing: outside, another of the Plagues manifested as the sun was blocked out from the sky by the moon.

After leaving the museum and heading to their quarters, Evelyn asked the two Americans who were in the room back in Hamunaptra when the chest was opened: the Americans revealed that they had been there, along with Burns and the Egyptologist. O'Connell asked if Beni was among them, but the Americans stated that Beni had run off before the chest was opened. Evelyn then stated that they must find the Egyptologist and bring him to safety before the mummy could find him, and O'Connell was about to ask Jonathan, Henderson, and Daniels to help him find the Egyptologist while Evelyn stayed behind, but all four of the others spoke out in anger at this, not wanting to either be left behind or forced to risk their lives. O'Connell, to protect Evelyn from danger, picked her up by the waist and left her in her room, locking the door behind him, ordering Daniels and Henderson to watch over the door and for Jonathan to accompany him as he went to go find the Egyptologist.

O'Connell and Jonathan reached Dr. Chamberlain's office and found Beni rifling through the Egyptologist's drawers, looking for something. As Beni spotted O'Connell and had tried to run, O'Connell impeded his escape by flinging a chair at his legs, stopping the thief in his tracks. O'Connell began to interrogate Beni, asking why he was serving Imhotep: Beni revealed that he was serving the mummy so that he would not suffer his curse. O'Connell pressured Beni into telling more: Beni said that Imhotep was looking for the Book of the Dead so as to bring his "dead girlfriend" back to life and that all he wanted was the Book, and Evelyn, but before he could say more, a scream sounded from outside; Beni took the opportunity, seeing that O'Connell was distracted, kneeing him in the groin and leaping out the window.

O'Connell and Jonathan headed to the window and looked out onto the streets, seeing what had caused the scream: Dr. Chamberlain had been killed by the mummy, reduced to another withered corpse clutching a canopic jar and the Book of the Dead. Imhotep took both artifacts back and released a swarm of flies as his next Plague, which flew around the streets, biting the townspeople. O'Connell and Jonathan managed to hold them back by closing the shutters of the window and left for the fort, knowing that Imhotep would be coming to take Evelyn.

Evelyn slept in her quarters, not knowing that outside her door, Henderson had been killed and the mummy had made it into the room where she lay. Imhotep kissed Evelyn deeply, his own flesh rotting away and corrupting as he did, before O'Connell stopped him, ordering him to leave Evelyn. O'Connell then pulled out Cleo, Evelyn's white cat, which frightened Imhotep away as he blasted himself out the window in a dusty storm.

That night, O'Connell, Evelyn, Jonathan, and Daniels headed to the Cairo Museum to once again seek Dr. Bey's help: Evelyn believed that if the black Book of the Dead could bring the dead back, then the fabled Book of Amun-Ra could kill them. She and Dr. Bey set forward to study the hieroglyph slabs on display in the museum to find the location of the Book of Amun-Ra. As they did, they heard a loud chanting coming from outside of the museum: the townspeople of Cairo had been placed under a spell by Imhotep that compelled them all to be his slaves while taking on boils and sores.

The two scholars deciphered the markings as fast as they could, but the pounding at the door below in the main entrance alerted the resistors to Imhotep's presence, and Jonathan quickly left the museum to go outside and start the car. O'Connell tried to hurry Evelyn and Dr. Bey along as they read the hieroglyphs, which they succeeded in doing exactly as the townspeople pounded through the doors and O'Connell, along with Evelyn, Daniels, Dr. Bey, and Ardeth, ran from the museum to Jonathan's car, where they drove away, escaping the mobs just as Beni screamed out to Imhotep that they were escaping. The group drove out into the streets of Cairo until the roads were blocked with a mob of townspeople, which were all hit when Jonathan floored the gas pedal in his car when his foot was slammed down onto it by O'Connell. The car was soon after covered in townspeople which were all thrown off, but managed to take down Daniels, who was brought before Imhotep and consumed as well as his fellows. The car eventually hit a fire hydrant, compelling its passengers to run from the townspeople as they cornered O'Connell and his friends into a wall.

The townspeople then parted, making way for Imhotep, who appeared completely regenerated. Imhotep then spoke, his words translated by Beni, stating that Evelyn must go with him, and her friends would be spared if she did. Reluctantly, Evelyn stepped forward, with much displeasure from O'Connell, who drew out his gun at the mummy.

Evelyn stopped him from firing, reminding Rick that Imhotep still needed to take Evelyn to Hamunaptra to perform the ritual. O'Connell lowered his gun as Imhotep, Evelyn and Beni left the scene, Imhotep ordering his slaves to kill the survivors. O'Connell then opened a manhole cover and had Jonathan and Ardeth escape into it, though Dr. Bey opted to stay behind and hold off the townspeople with his sword, giving his own life to save the others'. As O'Connell, Jonathan, and Ardeth escaped into the sewers, they found more zombified townspeople and staved them off with a dynamite blast. Devising a plan to rescue Evelyn, O'Connell had Jonathan and Ardeth take him to the one individual that might be able to help: Winston Havelock.

Desert Flight

Winston Havelock of the Royal Air Force had set up his hangar in the dunes in Erfoud, awaiting nothing and sipping tea while native boys herded their goats around the runway, and Winston was thusly surprised at O'Connell when he explained what had happened: that Imhotep had kidnapped Evelyn and had planned to destroy the Earth. O'Connell went on to explain that the mission that Winston was asked to help with was the recovery of Evelyn, a task that might take his life, and Winston happily accepted the position, loading up the plane, with the trouble of having to secure another spot on the plane for Jonathan and Ardeth.

Jonathan and Ardeth, due to a lack of room, were tied to the wings of the plane and taken for a drive on the plane's wings The plane then took off into the desert, with O'Connell in the gunner's seat, and as they flew towards Hamunaptra, Winston saw a large sandstorm, remarking that he had never before seen one as big as that particular sandstorm.

The "sandstorm", however, was Imhotep himself, who had become the sands of the desert and taken Beni and Evelyn with him to the outskirts of Hamunaptra. Imhotep saw the plane flying towards the ruins of Hamunaptra and conjured up another sandstorm with all the sand on the ground, amassing a massive wall of sand and wind that took his face and chased the plane. O'Connell began firing machine gun shots at the face as the plane flew, and soon after, the sandstorm had engulfed the entire plane in sand and wind, causing the engines to burn out. Evelyn, who stood next to Imhotep as he caused the storm, took action and kissed him, breaking his concentration and stopping the storm. The plane's engines, however, had overheated and the plane crashed down into the desert.

O'Connell helped Ardeth and Jonathan out of the plane before going on to help Winston, who he saw had been killed in the crash, due to a broken neck. At that moment, the plane sank down into the quicksands of the desert, taking Winston's body with it. Taking a moment of silence to observe Winston's passing, O'Connell, Jonathan and Ardeth continued on towards Hamunaptra. Battling Imhotep O'Connell and Ardeth began to pry apart the rocks that blocked an entrance into the tunnels while Jonathan held up the torch, but Jonathan was distracted by a wall mural that had several jewels embedded into it.

Prying one-off and holding it, Jonathan examined it for a moment before it split open and revealed a scarab beetle that cut into its hand, almost reaching his head before O'Connell took a knife and cut the beetle out, flinging it aside and blasting the insect with a revolver. As the three men continued to walk on through the corridors, O'Connell noticed a mirror-like object close to the ceiling in one chamber: with one shot he turned it, illuminating the room with sunlight and revealing great amounts of golden treasure, which O'Connell restrained himself from taking. As they looked about the chamber, they heard a croaking sound and with that a mummy revealed itself, cracking through the floor. As one corpse came from the floor, so did others, joined by more mummies that came from the corridors, shambling and groaning. The three men took out their guns and began to blast the mummies away, heading to the statue of Horus so as to find the Golden Book. Once they had reached the statue of Horus, O'Connell and Jonathan began to try and pry its compartment open as Ardeth provided cover fire. O'Connell and Jonathan continued to pry at the compartment when a trio of mummies burst through the floor once more, threw both men aside and began to pry open the compartment themselves.

The compartment, however, was rigged with the same salt acid that had been inside the statue of Anubis, burning all three corpses away. Once the compartment was opened, the Golden Book was extracted and Ardeth told O'Connell and Jonathan to save Evelyn and kill the mummy off, leading the mummies away as he ran through a corridor, blasting as many as he could. O'Connell then lit a stick of dynamite and threw it into a dead-end, blowing a hole through the wall and killing off more mummies: O'Connell and Jonathan then made their way through the hole and into the sacrificial chamber.

Imhotep, having chained Evelyn to a sacrificial altar, began to perform the incantations that would bring Anck-Su-Namun back, almost stabbing Evelyn fatally before Jonathan intervened. While Jonathan stood at the height of a staircase brandishing the Book of Amun-Ra, O'Connell snuck into the chamber, took a golden sword from a nearby statue, and began to take down the mummy priests, cutting Evelyn's chains as he did. most of the priests had been felled, but one dismembered corpse grabbed him by the ankles, pulling him down, while another tried to get at his neck, and the disembodied mummy hand of one priest grabbed the sword.

One final mummy took a large stone slab in its grip, about to crush O'Connell before O'Connell reached out towards the hand, taking the sword, and hacking down the mummy's legs before it could harm him. Jonathan then mistakenly summoned up even more of the mummies, all sporting soldier garb and spears, compelling O'Connell to duel more of them. As a number of the mummies faced O'Connell, he screamed at them; the mummies roared back, and O'Connell ran from them before they could catch him, through moats and corridors, scaling one wall by sliding up on a rope from a hanging cage. Dueling them on, O'Connell managed to destroy more as he ran down the stairs of the sacrificial chamber, decapitating two and burning one up until they finally outnumbered and overpowered him at the point of their spears, sickles and blades.

Before they could bring down their attacks, however, the mummies were stopped by Jonathan, who read the final incantations for the spell that summoned the mummies up, stopping them from harming O'Connell. Removing their blades from his face, the mummies stood motionless until Jonathan gave them the order to kill Anck-Su-Namun, which they carried out at once.

In anger, Imhotep lunged forward to strangle Jonathan, but O'Connell leaped forward and chopped off the mummy's arm, which held onto Jonathan's neck, the arm's rotted sinews revealing that below his human appearance, the mummy was still a dead man inside. In reciprocation, Imhotep seized O'Connell by the shirt and threw him, not caring that his robe had slipped off as his arm was chopped off. Jonathan then reached through his robes and took the puzzle box needed to open the Book of Amun-Ra, using it to open the Book as Evelyn read through it, looking for the spell that would stop Imhotep. As the Carnahans looked through the text, Imhotep threw O'Connell about against statues and the floor until he seized O'Connell up by his throat, strangling him, and prepared to deliver his final attack, unhinging his jaw.

Evelyn, however, read aloud the incantations to stop Imhotep, summoning the god Anubis, who rode into the chamber on his chariot and drove through Imhotep, taking away his immortality. Anubis had not, however, killed Imhotep, and Imhotep moved forward furiously towards O'Connell, intending to kill him, but O'Connell was ready with his sword, stabbing the priest as he stepped forward. Evelyn revealed that Imhotep was mortal, and the mummy stepped back dying into a moat, dying while numerous souls engulfed him, reducing him to a mummy once more as he uttered his final words: Death is only the beginning.

Escape from Hamunaptra

ln another corridor, Beni was walking with a saddlebag full of stolen valuables from the treasuries, triggering the collapse of Hamunaptra by leaning the bag on a lever on the wall. O'Connell, Jonathan, and Evelyn, hearing the walls crumbling, took the opportunity to leave, though Jonathan had tripped on a staircase and dropped the Book of Amun-Ra in a moat; Evelyn chastised Jonathan for dropping the Book before O'Connell and Jonathan hurried her along.

Well, I guess we go home empty-handed, again.
I wouldn't say that.

–Jonathan Carnahan and Rick O'Connell upon escaping Hamunaptra., The Mummy

As the three ran through the corridors and chambers, Jonathan stopped in the treasury, wondering why they couldn't take some of the treasures with them before O'Connell and Evelyn rushed him out as well. As they were escaping the crumbling ruins, a familiar face followed them: Beni, who had tried to catch up with O'Connell, but could not make it through a collapsing doorway in time. O'Connell, despite Beni's previous betrayals, made an effort to help Beni out of the chamber, but could not pull him out in time as the doorways closed, sealing Beni in with a swarm of scarabs as his own torch burned out. O'Connell, Evelyn, and Jonathan ran quickly from the ruins, reaching the surface as it crashed down in a massive series of dusty explosions. Once the trio had escaped, a hand reached out to Jonathan: Ardeth had escaped the ruins alive, astride a camel, and informed them that they had earned the respect of the Medjai for their defeat of Imhotep. Blessing them in Allah's name, Ardeth rode off into the sunset, leaving them behind as Jonathan complained that they would once more go home empty-handed, but O'Connell knew that he, at least, was not empty-handed, as he had found Evelyn, kissing her deeply, this sight displeasing Jonathan. The three survivors then mounted camels and rode off into the sunset, unaware that they had some treasures with them in a saddlebag, courtesy of Beni.

Valley of the Gods

God, it was so real.
The scorpion thing again?
Only this time...Evy, oh, God. It killed you.

–Rick describing his nightmares., The Mummy: Valley of the Gods

Shortly after their ordeals in Hamunaptra, Rick and Evelyn married, spending their extended honeymoon in a hotel far from Egypt. While at the hotel, professor Julian Winter had sent Evelyn an artifact known as the Orb of Destiny, which remained in their hotel room. The honeymoon went less harmoniously for Rick, however, as he had a nightmare that he and Evelyn were exploring ancient Egyptian ruins and that Evelyn was taken captive and killed by a giant scorpion-like man with pincers for arms. Waking her husband from his nightmare, Evelyn calmed him, telling Rick that nothing had harmed her at all, and at that moment, the telephone rang with a call from Egypt: Evelyn thought that Jonathan had called, though upon answering the phone, the call was from Professor Winter for Rick, asking them both to take the Orb of Destiny and leave immediately for Egypt.

Upon arriving in Cairo, the couple met Jonathan at a restaurant, where he had booked them reservations and regaled them on an experience in which he tried to obtain a map to some artifacts. That night, Rick and Evelyn, while in their hotel room, had the Orb of Destiny with them as they consummated their marriage. The next morning, aboard a plane, Evelyn acted somewhat defensively to her accusations from Jonathan on whether she had held a schoolgirl crush on her former professor, which Rick stated he didn't mind. Shortly after, Rick, Evelyn and Jonathan all met Professor Winter at an excavation site.

Professor Winter, accompanied by Ardeth Bay, explained that he was pleased to have heard that Evelyn was succeeding so in her field and was pleasantly surprised to see that she had not ended up "a meek librarian" or something of that sort. Professor Winter described that he had hoped that Evelyn might decide to work alongside him, a notion which Rick balked slightly at. As the five explorers traversed through the ruins, they found the remains of several workers that Professor Winter had been accompanied by in his exploration, all attacked by several creatures that emerged once they had attempted to open a stone door, the same stone door where their remains were left. Professor Winter asked Rick for the Orb, which Rick stated was in the hotel safe, and Professor Winter expressed that though he had hoped Rick would have brought it with him, they would not need it at that moment: Professor Winter expressed that they must re-open the door because the Egyptian government planned to bulldoze through the doors, and that opening the stone door provided a chance at saving the artifacts within the chamber. Skeptical of what would happen, Rick expressed his qualms to Evelyn but stayed to help, all the same, putting on a gas mask, along with the others, so as not to inhale any gases compressed within the chamber.

The door was blasted cleanly off and there was no gas, but Rick still remained in doubt, asking what the creatures that they were to face were, which Professor Winter did not know, suggesting that having attacked already, they must be gone. Traversing further into the structure, Professor Winter marvelled at the hieroglyphs and instructed his assistant Buto to provide them all with torches. Unnoticed to any of them, a large emerald situated above the doorway began to glow with life. While in the corridors, Rick remarked that there was another room, but Professor Winter stated that they had too much in the room they were already in to worry about another: Professor Winter marvelled at the sights within the room to Evelyn, but one loud roar within the chamber caused Rick to stand alarmed as a number of ghostly animals arose to attack them all. Rick fired a number of shots at the ghost animals, one of which brought down Buto, but the shots only served to dissipate them for a moment or two, and flares hadn't the desired effect, either.

Fighting their way into the next room, Rick seized a single stone slab and intended to throw it at them but before he could throw the slab, Evelyn noted that the ghostly animals were backing off, sucked into the emerald above the doorway. Ardeth Bay, who had also been in the fight, noted that a stone in the room seemed to shimmer right before the animals disappeared: Evelyn noted that the stone was a map of ancient Egypt, and Rick remarked that if the stone made "that big sucky thing" and the ghostly animals disappear, it must be more than a map. Evelyn noted that the map made mention of the Valley of the Kings, where all the great pharaohs were buried, but also made mention of the Valley of the Gods, where "those that must be worshiped await their awakening".

Julian remarked that he had never heard of it before: the Valley of the Gods, as Evelyn translated, lied under a temple near Ammon, but Ardeth Bay contributed his remark that there was no temple there, the Medjai having ridden its sands for centuries.

A rubbing on paper was made of the map and the group left by plane to see the Valley of the Gods for themselves. The group, however, found naught but sand where the Valley of the Gods was said to be, Evelyn suggesting digging it up, a notion that Professor Winter entertained, stating that they couldn't pass up the chance to find it. Rick, however, suggested that they all leave: digging up tombs that came with curses, as he put it, never ended well. Evelyn and the others conceded, thinking to return later with a better-equipped expedition.

As they were talking, however, a pair of sandy columns arose from the sand and took the form of two monstrous-looking warriors, ancient Egyptian gods in the form of mummies, swords drawn and ready to do battle with one another.Rick, Evelyn, Jonathan, Ardeth Bay and Professor Winter managed to escape them and flee to Broadway, New York in America but there they were followed as well by the mummified gods.

New Artifacts

In the years after the events involving Imhotep and the expeditions to Hamunaptra, Rick O'Connell, having fallen in love with Evelyn, had married her and the couple moved to London, having a son, Alex O'Connell. Since that time, O'Connell had earned much fame from the newsreels as an adventurer, explorer, and thrill-seeker in general, as the reporters had often cited his status as a colonel in the French Foreign Legion. O'Connell had still retained his appearance, though his hair had begun to grey slightly at the sides.

In the summer of 1933, O'Connell, Evelyn, and Alex had travelled to Egypt to find a temple ruin along the banks of the Nile, constructed by Imhotep himself. As O'Connell was walking through the corridors, gun in hand, he was startled by his young son Alex, who had come looking for him, to tell Rick that he had found an image on a pillar in the temple that was the exact image that Rick had on his wrist, a mariner's compass with falcon's wings, and the eye of Horus. Alex tried to explain this to his father, but O'Connell shooed his son away to the atrium of the palace and wait for him there.

Rick met up with Evelyn in a hallway as she had been working, and kicked away a snake that had been coiling itself around her boot, kicking it unknowingly at her husband, who stated that the snake was poisonous. Evelyn replied that the snake was only poisonous if it bit him, turning her notice to Rick and Alex's talk a moment ago: Alex was informing his father about something that he had found; Evelyn then turned to her work, as she had found a blocked entrance to a corridor, which Rick was about to open with a crowbar when Evelyn told him to use a hammer and chisel. Evelyn changed her mind and allowed him to pry the barrier away with the crowbar, which he promptly did, and the two entered the corridor.

The corridor was filled with many mummified corpses and covered with spiders, scorpions, and snakes; at that point, Evelyn walked through, careful not to step on any of the scorpions or spiders on the floor until she reached the end of the corridor. Evelyn remarked that since she had been having dreams of the corridor, she could think of nothing else, as she felt that she had been there, though Rick remarked that except for the mummies, no one had been in the corridor for three years. Evelyn then turned to a doorway and managed to unlock it with a pull of the lever near the door. The passage opened, and Evelyn retorted that if she had not been there before, she would not know what to do to open the door.

Evelyn stood in the chamber, entranced by some vision unseen by Rick: the temple was intact and at the end of the next corridor was an elaborate golden chest guarded by two armed soldiers; as Evelyn looked on, a woman appeared in her vision and closed the door of the chamber, locking it with a twist of the eight-pointed knob in its middle. Rick appeared in Evelyn's eyesight and her vision was over, though she tried to swing around her torch to try bringing the vision back. Rick was somewhat puzzled by Evelyn's behaviour but turned his attention to trying to open the door to the next chamber; Evelyn, having seen how to open it in her vision, turned the knob exactly as she had seen it done and the door opened. Rick was, as he had stated, beginning to get unnerved by Evelyn, and Evelyn was starting to be frightened of herself. Stepping inside the darkened chamber, Evelyn raised her torch and came face-to-face with the rotted mummies of the guards that had protected the chamber and its contents centuries before. Rick, seeing that his wife was in fear, swung his crow bar at the mummy and knocked its head off, sending the rest of its body down as well.

Eyeing the chest with interest, Evelyn asked to open it, but Rick wished not to do so, knowing that opening ancient artifacts usually carried some negative after-effects. Evelyn insisted on opening it, though could not with the crowbar that she had been given. Rick eyed a pendant/key that was hanging from the chest of one of the two soldier corpses, and used it to open the chest, revealing the Bracelet of Anubis inside. In the chamber as well was a golden disc that bore the emblem of the Scorpion King, an ancient warlord that was said by many to be pure myth, as no archival evidence or artifact had confirmed his existence before.

As the chest was opened, a rumbling sound erupted from the corridors, and Evelyn quickly told Rick to put the chest in his bag, though Rick wished to leave it behind; Evelyn then read the inscription on the chest: whoever disturbed the chest would drink from the Nile, which resulted in massive quantities of water breaking through the temple walls to flood the corridors. Rick and Evelyn ran as fast as they could to escape the waters, but eventually were caught in the flooded halls, about to drown.

Outside the chambers, Alex had been confronted by two mercenaries who threatened to kill him as their leader went to kill Alex's parents, but the thieves all left before the flooding waters could catch them. Before they left, one of the thieves kicked at the scaffolding that Alex was standing on, which caused it to topple over and knock down a nearby temple pillar, which knocked down the next, on and on until the pillars had all fallen, save for one. Alex then saw that the section of the wall where his father's tattoo emblem was, was about to be smashed by the last standing pillar, and so he ran to stop the pillar from falling through by pushing it up. Alex could not, and the pillar smashed through the wall, sending a large torrent of water bursting through, with his parents inside of it. Rick and Evelyn lay there gasping after having almost drowned.

Return to London

After the O'Connells had recovered the artifacts, they took a boat back to London and reached their home: Evelyn's parents had owned a large estate of a mansion that Evelyn herself had inherited and filled with many Egyptian artifacts, some found by her father with others that were found by Evelyn herself.

Evelyn had explained her next plan to Rick as they entered the manor: her intent was to return to Egypt with Rick and find the Oasis of Ahm Shere, though Rick was against this, as they had just come home. Evelyn, however, stated that it was convenient that they should leave, as they were already packed, and Evelyn had sent their clothes to be laundered while the family was in Cairo. Evelyn tried to convince Rick to agree on returning to Egypt by stating that it was just an oasis that they would find, an oasis that she revealed was the supposed resting place of the Scorpion King. Evelyn went on to describe the Oasis: many rulers throughout history had all attempted to find Ahm Shere, with none of their troops returning. Evelyn stated that they would be the ones to find it, as they had an idea of how to look. Rick was still not convinced, however. Meanwhile, Alex, unbeknownst to both of them, puts on the bracelet and sees visions of many locations leading to Ahm Shere. While Rick and Evelyn were having a romantic moment, they noticed a pair of ladies' undergarments hanging from a chandelier and Rick left to admonish Jonathan for bringing in "house guests".Rick then found Jonathan being threatened by some cultists led by the museum curator Baltus Hafez and Meela Nais, the reincarnated form of Anck-Su-Namun, Imhotep's lover.

Almost uninterested in the cultists, Rick admonished them for bringing in live snakes and dismemberments into the house, but Meela paid him no mind and angrily tossed the snake that she was using to interrogate Jonathan with at Rick, which Rick threw back at one of the cultists. Fighting back against the cultists, Rick and Jonathan escaped their machine gun shots by running into a nearby bathroom, where Rick hotly asked what he had done this time. Jonathan replied while a gun shot into the bathroom, that it wasn't his fault. They then jumped out the window and evaded the cultists, only to find out that Evelyn had been captured, and that Ardeth Bay had found them.

Rick hotly demanded to know what was going on, and Ardeth explained that the cultists were planning on raising Imhotep from the dead on that night. Alex then revealed that he had the Bracelet of Anubis on his wrist, and Ardeth explained that, with the boy donning the Bracelet, the Scorpion King would arise, and whoever would kill him may take control of the Army of Anubis or send it back to the Underworld.

At the British Museum

Rick and Ardeth open fire on the cultists.

After Rick, Jonathan, Alex, and Ardeth Bay reached the cultists at the museum, Rick, in order to ensure that Alex stayed safe, asked him to "protect the car", but Alex wasn't fooled. Rick decided that Jonathan was too nervous to help, and asked him to watch Alex. As the two men picked guns from Rick's trunk, Ardeth, selecting a Thompson submachine gun, noticed the tattoo on Rick's wrist. He then casually asked a mysteriously phrased question, which the surprised Rick answered correctly. Ardeth informed him that the tattoo was the sacred mark of the Medjai and that he was a "protector of man, a warrior for God", a notion which Rick denied, stating that he had been given it in an orphanage in Cairo. Shortly after, the two wandered further into the museum, noticing that many of the museum's mummies were coming alive under Hafez's ritual. Further on they went until they saw a ritual taking place, and Imhotep’s remains were in the center of it all, in a massive chunk of amber-like mineral. As Hafez spoke the final verses of the incantation, Imhotep roared into life and broke out of the mineral. In hiding, Rick and Ardeth witnessed the conversation between Meela Nais and Imhotep, who promised to bring Anck-Su-Namun back to life through Meela. Rick then left his hiding spot to save Evelyn, doing so just in time to stop her from a grisly death by flame, a fate which Imhotep would have wanted for one of his enemies. Imhotep then spotted Rick, recognising him with shock and anger as the man who defeated him years ago. Rick blasted the mummy in the chest with his shotgun and he, Ardeth, and Evelyn quickly escaped the museum, closely pursued by four mummified soldiers that Imhotep had summoned. In order to escape the mummies, Rick headed to his car but found Jonathan instead, who had robbed a double-decker bus, claiming that he was forced to find an alternate means of transportation. As the group escaped the museum entrance, Rick's car was smashed by the mummified soldiers, much to his chagrin as he muttered that he hated mummies once the bus drove off The mummies pursued the bus, though one was blasted to pieces, by Ardeth firing

the Thompson gun, while the other three began to force their way into the bus. The mummies began to engage the passengers in a battle, with Evelyn helping to blast them away. During the mêlée, Rick himself was forced to do battle with one of the mummies as he was disarmed of his shotgun; with quick thinking and Jonathan's driving through a low tunnel, the mummy that Rick was fighting was destroyed.

After the battle had been won, the O'Connells, Jonathan, and Ardeth Bay all stopped to rest for a moment on the Tower Bridge in London. Ardeth flopped to a seat, Johnathan sat staring at nothing, and Alex explored the damage while Rick and Evelyn embraced one another, happy to be free of the fight, but at that moment, the cultists snatched Alex, forcing him to their car and controlling the bridge so that it drew upwards. Rick chased after the cultists but could not reach them in time, and wept bitterly for the loss of his son, as did Evelyn. Ardeth stated, however, that all was not lost; the cultists would not harm Alex, for he wore the Bracelet of Anubis and would therefore be unharmed; Rick recalled that when Alex had worn the Bracelet, he had seen the pyramids at Giza and the temples at Karnak, which would be the next stop for the cultists. Faced with this new rescue mission, Rick saw the need to find transport, citing that he knew of a "magic carpet"; shortly afterward, he and the others left for O'Connell Manor, so as prepare themselves.

Rick comforting Evy after Alex is kidnapped.

A Magic Carpet

Once the O'Connell family reached Cairo, they headed to the remains of the Royal Air Force base, by then under new management by the inventor and pilot Izzy Buttons. As Jonathan parked the car, he was still clutching his golden sceptre which Rick relieved him of. Rick assured Evelyn that Izzy was an old friend and so would be of help, but Izzy, spotting Rick, ran back into his airbase and locked several locks on the door, which Rick did away with by firing a single shot. Izzy, uneager to help Rick, stated that whatever Rick needed, Izzy wouldn't help with, as every other encounter with Rick ended with Izzy being shot in the rear, relating a story of how the two of them tried to rob a bank in Marrakesh, and Izzy was shot down with Rick waltzing up nonchalantly with a belly dancer. Rick tried to change Izzy's mind with a wad of cash, but Izzy disregarded it, stating that he would have nothing to spend it on. Rick then cut to the quick: the cultists had taken his son and he would do whatever it took to get him back, as he brandished the sceptre in front of Izzy's face. The sceptre got Izzy's attention and he promised that in exchange for the sceptre, Rick could do whatever he pleased. Rick, Evelyn, Jonathan and Ardeth all headed to the landing platform to find not a balloon but a dirigible which Izzy had invented, as he claimed that airplanes were a thing of the past (and as his airplane had been lost in a poker game); Rick, less than pleased with this mode of transportation, threatened to shoot Izzy but Izzy stopped him, explaining that the dirigible was both swift and silent, perfect for sneaking up on others. With all this, the decision was made to ride the dirigible, and the group flew out, through Giza and other points along the Nile valley.

Aboard the Dirigible

While on the dirigible, Evelyn was distraught that her son had been taken, but O'Connell did his best to comfort her by reminding her that their son was both clever and brave, and wouldn't show fear. It was there that Rick also explained that, somehow, all those years back in the Cairo prison he knew, one way or another that they'd be together and that he would not die there. And the two knew they belonged together, and that they would recover their son together as one.

Later during the night Evelyn screams and tries to jumps over the dirigible before Rick catches her. After revealing her visions to Ardeth, he theorizes that Rick is a reincarnated Medjai assigned to protect Evelyn and that Alex is the key to finding Ahm Shere. Therefore the three make up the three sides of the pyramid. Although disbelieving of this Rick acknowledges there might be some truth in what Ardeth is saying. The O'Connell's later arrive at Karnak and discover that Alex has left the clues to follow at each location so they can trace the cult.

Alex Rescue

Lock-Nah discovers that Alex has been leaving clues, so Imhotep makes a wall of water that attacks the dirigible. The dirigible reaches a canyon and they see Imhotep tidal wave with the waters of the river, pursuing the dirigible. Izzy sees that the tidal wave is coming forward and ignites the engine full throttle to escape the flood and the tidal wave is averted. As the aircraft and its passengers continue through the canyon, Jonathan looks out and sees their destination: the lost Oasis of Ahm Shere. As the group looks on at the Oasis, a rumbling sound rings out and the tidal wave returns. Izzy again hits the engine full blast to escape the waters, but the engines overheat and the boosters on the dirigible burn out; as the craft remains stationary in the air, Izzy sinks into the cockpit meekly and the tidal wave takes the craft and its passengers down.

The O'Connell's crash in Ahm Shere and Alex is left grief-stricken at the seeming loss of his parent while Imhotep strides on triumphantly. Izzy stays with the dirigible in hopes of repairing it, before, O'Connell and his friends leave, Jonathan pockets the gold Spear given to Izzy. While Horus fly's out to deliver another message, he is shot down by a cruel Lok Nah who has been watching the bird travel. Ardeth is heartbroken by his friend's death and intends to leave so he can warn the Medjai about the army. However, Rick pleads for his help, and Ardeth out of loyalty agrees.

The O'Connell's prepare their weapons and Rick and Ardeth leave to save Alex while Jonathan and Evelyn provide cover fire. The cult is attacked by a group of mummified pygmies which are ordained to kill off whatever humans they can catch. Ardeth duels and kills Lok Nah who is trying to retrieve the bracelet from Alex as it is the key to awakening the Army of Anubis. The pygmies attack and kill all the cult members but do not manage to capture the cultist leader Baltus Hafez, who abandons his two remaining men to die while he runs off; the pygmies leap onto the men and stab them with daggers and spears, killing them both. Continuing their chase, they swing through the trees and almost catch Rick O'Connell and his son Alex, but before one can attack them, it is blown apart by a gun in Rick's grip.

The pygmies, however, outnumber O'Connell and his family as they pursue them through the oasis, separating Jonathan Carnahan. The pygmies continue to chase off the O'Connell family and reach a fallen log that the group cross like a bridge. Jonathan quickly catches up while Risk takes the precaution of throwing a lit stick of dynamite at the cannibals, which they catch and fight over before it explodes, tearing the fallen log in two and casting the pygmies down into a canyon. Alex then reveals the bracelet will kill him unless he reaches the pyramid and Evelyn sees the sunrise, so Rick grabs Alex and runs towards the pyramid to save his son.

Awakening the Scorpion King

Rick and Alex run to the pyramid, barely making it before sunrise. The bracelet detaches from Alex's arm, However, Hafez finds and wears it on. Ardeth leaves and regroups with the Medjai in case the Army of Anubis rises. Evelyn and Jonathan arrive at the pyramid and see that Rick and Alex have made it. As Evelyn is caught off guard, Anck-Su-Namun sneaks up on her and stabs Evelyn in the stomach with a dagger, killing her. Jonathan tries to help Evelyn by stopping Anck-Su-Namun but is quickly deterred as Imhotep lifts him by his throat and throws him aside.

Rick rushes to help Evelyn, however, it is too late and she succumbs to her wounds, to her family’s devastation. A heartbroken Rick embraces his son and leaves him outside while he steps into the Pyramid to avenge Evelyn death. Hafez enters a room inside the Pyramid and places his arm wearing the bracelet into a giant scorpion statue which regenerates the pyramid and awakens Anubis's army.

The Final Battle

Rick finds Hafez trying to remove his arm from the statue and states that Imhotep is a dead man. However, while trying to remove his arm Hafez cries out in pain as his arm is stripped of its flesh. Rick leaves and eventually finds Imhotep trying to summon the Scorpion King and they fight.

The Scorpion King interrupts Rick and Imhotep's fight and is revealed to have become a half-human half scorpion monster. Imhotep tells the Scorpion King that he is the Scorpion King's slave, but Rick is sent to kill him so the King focuses on killing Rick and ends up killing Hafez who walks into the chamber.

While escaping from the Scorpion King Rick sees some carvings on the wall that reveals Jonathan's stick is the weapon that can extend out to become a spear and kill the Scorpion King. Upon realising this Rick finally begins to believe in his destiny of being a warrior.

Alex and Jonathan go to help Rick, who tells them that Jonathan needs to activate the spear before he resumes running from the Scorpion King.

Once activated the spear, Jonathan intends to throw it at the Scorpion King, but when he tries, Imhotep catches it and hurls the spear at the Scorpion King himself.

Instead, Rick catches the spear before it can pierce the Scorpion King and runs him through, ordering him to take the Army of Anubis back to the Underworld with him which saves the Medjai from certain death, The Scorpion King's death causes Anubis to turn the oasis back into a desert, and the oasis is being sucked into the pyramid. Rick and Imhotep are hanging from the edge of a pit that leads into the Underworld. Evelyn risks her life to save Rick despite his pleas for her to go, but Anck-su-namun refuses to save Imhotep.

Seeing Anck-Su-namun abandon him, Imhotep willingly let's go. Anck-su-namun later falls into a scorpion-filled pit and dies. The O'Connell's reach the top of the pyramid, which is being sucked into the desert. Izzy arrives with a modified dirigible and saves the O'Connell's. Jonathan grabs the diamond at the top of the pyramid. Ardeth Bay salutes them as they fly over him, Rick and Evelyn who have survived the events are happy to be together again and kiss in joy, much to Alex and Jonathan disgust. The adventure ends with Izzy and Jonathan comically arguing over the diamond Jonathan has taken.

Retirement and A Comeback

In the year 1946, Rick retires from the adventure life to try something new. Starting with fishing for dinner at an unsuccessful pace as he accidentally got his fishing hook stuck to his neck. Then he tried to climb a tree branch to retrieve his hook but the weight of his body caused him to fall down and break the branch. The fishing methods turned into the last straw as Rick decided to get fish the old fashioned by gun.

Personality and Traits

Honey, you're not a subtle man.
We don't have time for subtle.

Evelyn O'Connell to Rick on his approach to problems., The Mummy Returns

Rick O'Connell was, if anything, a man of action that believed in shooting first and asking questions later, being curt and brash when he needed to be. Although O'Connell acted with bravado in most situations, he was not incapable of pathos and sympathy, having fallen in love with and marrying Evelyn Carnahan, and fathering a son with her, considering his family to be the most important thing in his life. Along with his prowess in firearms, O'Connell was also proficient at defending himself unarmed and knew how to improvise when in a perilous situation.

Tall, with brown parted hair and blue/green eyes, Rick O'Connell was usually seen wearing a white long-sleeved shirt and tan chinos, along with brown boots, belt, and holsters when he was on expeditions; this outfit was accompanied sometimes by a blue kerchief as well as any number of firearms and blades. Years later, Rick would sometimes wear a blue shirt, designated as his favourite, in place of the white one, still wearing his holsters with shoes in place of his boots. Rick usually wore a leather wristband on his right wrist to conceal the tattoo that was given to him in a Cairo orphanage years ago; this tattoo designating him a Medjai. Rick's preferred knife in combat was a butterfly knife. When at home in London years after his exploits, Rick wore clothing typical of an English civilian: a necktie and vest, changing into a suit and tie for more serious events, accompanied by a fedora and trench coat when out of his home. Formal events saw Rick wear a tuxedo, but taking great care to keep his holsters under the jacket, equipped with guns, should trouble arise.

As a combatant Rick almost always prefers to utilize firearms, making it a point to carry a large satchel containing all types of weapons and ammo. As a gunman, he is highly proficient with almost any type of firearm, particularly his signature revolvers as well as shotguns and rifles. Similarly, his accuracy is quite impressive, able to hit both moving and long-distance targets with relative ease. Additionally, he is a capable brawler when hand to hand is required and a surprisingly capable swordsman.


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Notes and references

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Behind the Scenes

Rick in the Animated Series

Rick O'Connell was portrayed by actor Brendan Fraser, and was voiced by actor John Schneider in the animated series.

If the events in Like Father Like Son occurred in 1934 A.D, at which time Rick revealed that his father left his family twenty years back from 1934 when Rick was Alex' age (ten years old in 1934), are any indication, Rick's age in that time period would be thirty-one, and he would have been born in 1903, making Rick nineteen when he joined the French Foreign Legion, twenty-three when he killed Imhotep in 1926 and thirty when he killed the Scorpion King in 1933; Rick, however, is revealed in the novelisation of The Mummy Returns to have an already slightly greying scalp, an odd trait for a man in his prime.

Rick O'Connell revealed that he had grown up in an orphanage, but in each of his appearances in which he stated this, the location of the orphanage differs. In the novelisation of The Mummy Returns, O'Connell stated that he was in an orphanage in Hong Kong, while in the film, he explained that he was in an orphanage in Cairo, and in the television series, O'Connell said that he was in an orphanage in Chicago.

In the tie-in novelization of The Mummy Returns, it was stated that Rick was actually a Templar Knight, rather than a Medjai; however, it was possible that the Templar Order and the Medjai had ties with each other.

It remains unclear what became of Rick and Evelyn O'Connell following their adventures in the Valley of the Gods, as the series was cancelled due to Chaos! Comics filing for bankruptcy and ending the series at issue 1.


  • The Surname "O'Connell" Implies that Rick is at least partially of Irish heritage.