Welcome to the The Mummy wiki. This page will attempt to answer some frequently asked questions in regard to navigating and editing this collaborative online encyclopedia. If you have a question that is not answered here, feel free to ask it on the discussion page.

How to...

Add my Signature

It is highly recommended all users sign their posts on Talk pages. To do this, type four tildes (~~~~) at the end of every post. This will produce a unique variant of: Dr.Chamberlin 19:14, 10 February 2009 (UTC)

Create a Userpage?

In order to create a userpage, you must be a registered user of this wiki. Once you are signed in, your account name will appear at the top of the page as a redlink. Click on it and you will be taken to a blank page, which you can edit. Save this, and it will appear as your userpage. Clicking on the discussion tab will create your User talk page.

Upload images

Simply click the "Upload file" link located on the sidebar, under the "Toolbox" menu. You will then be taken to the upload screen, where a set of instructions will guide you through the upload process. Note that only registered users may upload files.

Link to images

To link to an image, the following format is used: [[Image:(image name).(image extention)]]. So, for example, you would add [[Image:The Mummy 5516-8426.jpg]] to a page to display that image. Remember that only images uploaded to this wiki, under the specified filename, will appear on a page.

You can further customize images as presented on a page. You can display it as a thumbnail by simply using this format extension: [[Image:The Mummy 5516-8426.jpg|thumb]]. Additionally, you may add a caption beneath the image by simply typing your desired text after the formatting: [[Image:The Mummy 5516-8426.jpg|thumb|Rick O'Connell.]], which will produce the caption "Rick O'Connell."

You can also set the size of the image in pixels: [[Image:The Mummy 5516-8426.jpg|(Number)px]], so for example, to set an image to the standard 250 pixels, you would type: [[Image:The Mummy 5516-8426.jpg|250px]].

You can also dictate which side of the page the image will appear on, using simple left, right or center commands. For example, [[Image:The Mummy 5516-8426.jpg|left]] will show the image on the left side of the screen.

Create non-inclusive links

If you want to link to an image or category, without displaying the image itself or including the page in that category, simply use a colon, thus:

[[:Image:The Mummy 5516-8426.jpg]] or [[:Category:Medjai]], which will produce:

Image:The Mummy 5516-8426.jpg and Category:Medjai

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