Welcome to Rickipedia, the Mummy Wiki! Here is the Rickipedia Policy, formulated to grant editing liberty to the users of Rickipedia to eradicate any obstacle that may hinder their editing projects and careers. The policy is influenced from the Ten Plagues of Egypt. Plague is a policy enforced by Priest Imhotep, any law-breaker of the ancient plague will be cursed with a formidable block.

1st Plague - Copyrights:
Rickipedia is an encyclopedia based on a movie series. Adding any official videos, sound track excluding trailers, is strictly forbidden. We treasure our users and don’t favor them indulging into illegal and piracy issues.
2nd Plague - Civility:
All users should be driven with editing discipline and sound attitude, any sort of disruption is un-cherished by the Rickipedia and could result in an infinite block from the wiki.
3rd Plague - Religious Debate:
Religious debates are strictly forbidden across the wiki and would result in harsher blocks. Users are only granted to publish about religious stuff mentioned in the movie.
4th Plague - W-E Policy:
World event policy allows users to discuss worldy events such as festivals and national days. Elections, catastrophes, mishaps around the world aren’t to be discussed on Rickipedia, as it’s a movie wiki and irrelated to such topics, that can cause flame wars.
5th Plague - Vandalism:
A user indulged in vandalism will be blocked from editing for an infinite period, irrespective of the nature of the vandalism.
6th Plague - Fan-Fiction:
Fan-Fictions can be discussed on message walls but entitling them a page isn’t allowed, users interested can make a separate wiki based on such interests.
7th Plague - Blocking Policy:
Admins are entrusted with the responsibility of blocking any disruptive user from the wiki, based on his judgments.

We hope that you choose to become remarkable Rickipedia contributor. Good Luck.

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