This page is for requests for demotion.


  • Users that are regular contributors to Rickipedia with respect to the main content, are granted to cast their votes, any user joining the wiki to cause chaos and rig votes will have his vote removed and may possibly be blocked due to treason and rigging.
  • User that is up for demotion may not cast his vote.
  • There can only be a single request at a time.
  • A request can only be submitted by a b'crat to eradicate any possibility of a revenge demotion.

Completed Requests

Mantiix's Demotion

Issue Resolved, user demoted by Wikia, for details: Thread:6316

User refused to give up rights that were accidentally give to them (bureaucrat, they were only supposed to be given admin), immediately trying to bring in other users and other issues to try and "prove" that they should be able to keep those rights.



  • He is clearly incompetent to hold any position and is totally taking advantage of the incident, hence, showing that he is a clear threat to the wiki, his actions have revealed that he is and can be a very harmful vandal. Therefore, he should instantly be demoted. --Ghost pixel 1 by zombiepattyfag-d9c9wvwAli Rocky: VC Myth Hunter 22:52, September 4, 2016 (UTC)
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