Saqqara is an ancient burial ground in Egypt that in ancient times served as the necropolis for the city of Memphis.


Located in the Sahara, Saqqara is just thirty kilometres south of Cairo, and covers seven by one-and-a-half kilometres.


Nobility as far back as the First Dynasty of Egypt used the north side of Saqqara as a burial ground, and the name "saqqara" was intended as a reference to the local Berber tribe, the Beni Saqqar. As of the era of the Middle Kingdom of Egypt, pharaohs had funerary complexes built elsewhere, but by the New Kingdom, some high-ranking officials had set up their tombs there. At some point, the Scrolls of Thebes were kept in Saqqara.

In 1934 A.D, the cursed mummy Imhotep was reanimated and sought the Manacle of Osiris, forcing Alex O'Connell to accompany him, as the Manacle was stuck on Alex's wrist and unable to be removed. Alex's family, however, reached the site in time to stop Imhotep from performing the rite, and did battle with the mummy's forces: skeletal warriors brought forth from Saqqara's stony floor, which were quickly dispatched at the hands of Alex, who unknowingly used the Manacle's powers to destroy the skeletons. The stone floors of the ritual chambers cracked wide open in a massive gaping chasm, and into it fell the Book of the Dead, the only source of power that could both destroy Imhotep and remove the Manacle of Osiris from Alex's wrist.


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