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This Scottish castle was explored by the O'Connell family in 1934.


Dating back to the twelfth century, the castle was in disrepair by 1934 when the O'Connell family came to search it for artifacts to take back to the British Museum of Antiquities. The youngest member of the family, Alexander O'Connell, was sliding down its banisters when his father caught him as he was flung off one banister. Evelyn O'Connell, Alex's mother asked him to stop as she continued rummaging in the debris for artifacts, finding one Moorish bowl amidst the ruins. Hungry for adventure, Alex opened one of the castle's doors, releasing a swarm of bats and, attempting to swat them away, Alex bumped into the remains of one old pylon, which knocked over another and soon the pillars were all falling down, bringing the structure down as well. The castle remained intact from the outside, and the family escaped the ruins in time.


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