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Imhotep with Scrolls of Thebes.

The Scrolls are an ancient instruction manual for the Manacle on Alex’s wrist.

Ardeth Bay regarding the Scrolls of Thebes., The Summoning

The Scrolls of Thebes were an ancient series of Egyptian texts that could activate the Manacle of Osiris.


Sought after by Imhotep in ancient times, the Scrolls, when coupled with the powers of the Manacle of Osiris, would bring all who wielded them immeasurable power. Alexander the Great, during his conquests of the ancient kingdoms, captured the Scrolls of Thebes and sent them far from their original resting place of Thebes, to such locales as the Palace of Merneptah.


Like all Egyptian scrolls, the Scrolls of Thebes were fashioned from papyrus paper.