Shangri-La was a great valley that was lost to human inhabitants in what would be described as "paradise".



Long since viewed as both a holy place by the ancient Chinese, Shangri-La existed well into archaic times; one wounded sorceress known as Zi Yuan had reached Shangri-La after having been stabbed almost fatally by the Emperor Han, and the Yeti, who were known to live around Shangri-La, had helped the woman to reach Shangri-La. During her stay there, Zi Yuan had given birth to her baby, Lin, who would grow to be immortal just as Zi Yuan was.

During Zi Yuan's lifetime within a cavern overlooking Shangri-La, outsiders came with Li, requesting help as one of their own had been mortally wounded. After drinking water from the Pool of Eternal Life, the wounded man began to slowly recover from his wounds, grateful that his family was together.


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