Sheila was a showgirl that went out with Jonathan Carnahan after being told he was rich.


As the O'Connell family was away on a trip to Egypt, Jonathan had been asked to house-sit their house, and instead used it to impress women and took Sheila to the manor, boasting that it was his. Sheila had arrived in the O'Connell manor led by Jonathan Carnahan, who was showing her the mansion and regaling her on his own version of the events in Hamunaptra years earlier, telling her that he killed the mummy and had taken his staff, much to her impress. As he boasted that he was rich, a number of cultist thugs had forced him into an armchair and ushered Sheila out. Before she left, Jonathan denied that the house was his, and Sheila still called out to Jonathan, telling him to call her.

After she left, Jonathan nervously asked Baltus Hafez if he was Shelia's husband, which the Curator denied, to Jonathan's relief.

Personality and Traits

Sheila, as Jonathan saw it, was not extraordinarily articulate in conversation, but Jonathan still was attracted to her, if only for her looks. A tall blonde in a golden showgirl's dress, Sheila was apparently married.

Behind the Scenes

Sheila was portrayed by actress Donna Air in The Mummy Returns.

In the novelisation of the film, Sheila was not forced out of the room by the cultists but rather forced into a closet and ordered to stay quiet by the Curator.


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