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Who is going to pay for my cobra?!

–The snake charmer after his cobra escaped., Against the Elements

This snake charmer played his pungi to a trained cobra on the streets of India.

Playing a pungi to a trained cobra, the snake charmer attracted the attention of Jonathan Carnahan and Alex O'Connell, who were passing by, when Jonathan remarked that the trick was a fake and snatched the pungi from the charmer's hands, playing it out of tune and incorrectly so that the cobra was agitated and attempted to strike Jonathan, when a nearby mongoose leaped into the basket containing the cobra, fighting with the serpent until it slithered off in fear. The snake charmer, angry at having lost his snake, demanded that he be paid back, costing Alex his allowance money.


An aged Indian man dressed in simple white garments and a turban, the snake charmer played his instrument to a cobra for spectators on the streets to see, and could become cross if someone messed with his act.


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