The Sudan was a riverboat that had carried passengers up and down the Nile.


The Sudan had three decks and its captain was a bearded Nubian man, along with serving-men dressed in white gowns with red sashes. Dinner was served onboard the vessel, with food such as salmi of pigeons, fresh fish from the Nile, and tomato salad, and the meals were served for large tables consisting of several passengers. Onboard the vessel was also a stable where camels and horses were kept.

On one voyage, the Sudan left Giza Port with several passengers aboard that were searching for the lost City of the Dead, Hamunaptra; none of these passengers divulged their mission, except to one another when asked about it due to a wager. Onboard the Sudan, one passenger seeking Hamunaptra, Evelyn Carnahan, had been sought out by Medjai warriors who boarded the boat in secret by means of canoeing up the side of the boat. The warriors attempted to kill Evelyn in the intent of finding a map and key in her possession, both pertaining to Hamunaptra. Rick O'Connell, the guide of Evelyn's group, fought back against the assailants, taking a number of them down, at which point the warriors fought back when they shot at the resistor and burned up much of the boat by setting fire to crates and hay in the stable area. Along with O'Connell's shots, three American passengers returned fire as well, taking down the same Medjai that had assaulted Evelyn.

Soon after, the fires began to burn up more of the ship, at which point the passengers and crew caught in the mêlée of the fight had all decided to jump ship and swim for the shores. By the time the final passengers had jumped off, the fire had consumed the whole of the ship, sending it burning as a wreck down the Nile.

Behind the Scenes

The Sudan was actually a large prop ship that was filmed on an indoor sound stage. Shots of it sailing down the Nile were achieved by filming in a wildlife sanctuary that was digitally edited to resemble the Egyptian landscape.

In the novelisation of The Mummy, the Sudan is named the Ibis.


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