King! King Telent, can no one say “King”?!

–Telent on being addressed as simply “Telent”., The Scorpion King: The Akkadian Prophecy

Telent was the self-appointed king of the ancient Akkadian Empire in the third millennium A.D.


A Mission for Mathayus

After Mathayus’ assassination of Trion, Telent’s brother, Telent ascended to power as Urhmet’s successor, though Telent received little respect or favour from any of his subjects. Telent, however, knew that the King Memnon had taken control of the city of Gomorrah and that his reach was expanding, little by little. Mathayus, angered that Telent had taken his services for granted, demanded to be let go but Telent assigned Mathayus to one last task, assigning Mathayus and one of Telent's own assassins, a man named Amnakh, to the Desert cataract to retrieve an ancient text known as the Book of Tehuti, an ancient prophetic tool that would match Memnon's prophetic sorcerer in abilities. Telent's intent was to use this Book to regain control: his armies would overtake Gomorrah and the Akkadian people would be once more ascended into greatness.

Personality and Traits

A heavyset, bearded man dressed in the vestments of a king, Telent was arrogant, abrasive and self-righteous, and insisted that all call him King Telent, though he had not earned his title.


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