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The Mummy: Valley of the Gods was a three-part comic book series of The Mummy, published in 2001. It uses a stylized, cartoon-like art style.

Plot Summary

In the Eleventh Dynasty of Egypt, outside of Ammon, an individual known as Isop tours the Great Pyramids with another man and expresses displeasure at what "they" have done; the other man expresses that they cannot, as the Pharaoh commanded otherwise but Isop insists that he himself gives orders for the other man to follow. Isop reaches the Orb of Destiny alone, musing that it might tell him if he is wrong.

Behind the Scenes

Only the first issue of Valley of the Gods was ever printed and released, due to Chaos! Comics, the series publisher, filing bankruptcy in 2002, thus leaving the ending of the story ambiguous. The following installment to the series would have seen the O'Connells, Jonathan and Professor Winter heading for Broadway in New York City, where the battles against the ancient evils would recommence.