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The Mummy soundtrack cover.

The Mummy: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack was the original soundtrack of the motion picture The Mummy. The music was composed by Jerry Goldsmith, orchestrated by Alexander Courage, and was released as a one-disc music CD on May 4, 1999, with its promotional counterpart released on June 28, 1999 A.D. The film premiered on May 7, 1999. Goldsmith was nominated for a Saturn Award in 2000 for Best Score and won a BMI Film Music Award that year.

Track listing

  1. Imhotep
  2. The Sarcophagus
  3. Tuareg Attack
  4. Giza Port
  5. Night Boarders
  6. The Caravan
  7. Camel Race
  8. The Crypt
  9. Mumia Attack
  10. Discoveries
  11. My Favourite Plague
  12. Crowd Control
  13. Rebirth
  14. The Mummy
  15. The Sand Volcano

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