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The Scorpion King is a novelization of the film of the same name. It was published on March 5, 2002 by Berkeley, and was written by Max Allan Collins.

Publisher's description

First, The Mummy rose up from the tombs of Egypt-and adventure was reborn.

Then, The Mummy Returns resurrected the horror-and introduced a new breed of assassin.

Now, The Scorpion King tells the story of the assassin Mathayus, an ancient enemy of evil who refuses to surrender...or die.

The Rock returns in the role that took him from the World Wrestling Federation ring to the silver screens of Hollywood. A thrilling fantasy adventure filled with action, horror, and dazzling special effects, The Scorpion King is sure to be one of the most exciting blockbusters of the year.





  • Palestine
    • Gomorrah
  • Iraq
    • Ur

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