Thorak is the head of Memnon's army, and the tertiary antagonist in the 2002 film The Scorpion King.

He is portrayed Ralf Möller.


Nothing about Thorak's past is known. Being possibly the second best warrior of "The Horde", he becomes the head of Memnon's army, the best of his generals and his second in command.

Thorak is first seen restraining and capturing the Akkadian warrior Mathayus in Cassandra's tent, and introduces him to his boss Memnon, who executes his half-brother Jesup in front of him. When Memnon plans on killing Mathayus now, Cassandra warns him against it, saying the gods wish him to survive the night, and Thorak knocks Mathayus unconscious until having him buried to his neck in the desert to be devoured by fire ants at dawn.

Later, when Mathayus sneaks into Memnon's palace to avenge his half-brother Jesup and saves the urchin street boy from having his hand cut off while trying to shoot Memnon, Thorak and his guards are alerted to his presence, in which they chase him throughout the palace to try and kill him, but he barely escapes and abducts Cassandra along the way, aware that Memnon will come after her. Memnon then orders him to gather twelve of his best men and to pursue the Akkadian in the desert. In addition, Thorak receives from Memnon a special arrow at the end of which is the poison of a black scorpion to use on Mathayus.

When Thorak and his men find Mathayus, the fight begins. But, Mathayus manages to slay all the guards under the cover of a sandstorm and in a cave (except the last), then fights and slay mortally Thorak. He kills the last soldier soon after. While dying, Thorak manages to stick the poisoned arrow in Mathayus' right leg; Cassandra uses her magic to save Mathayus' life. As an insult, Mathayus sends Thorak's bloodstained pendant to Memnon. Memnon was enraged by the death of his best ally.

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