The Trident of Voth is a legendary trident that can freeze anything in unbreakable ice. Dating back to ancient Viking times, it eventually became frozen and lost in Greenland for centuries until a heatwave allowed its presence to become known to both the O'Connells and Imhotep, who both raced to take the Trident first.

En route, Imhotep and Colin Weasler encountered a group of frozen Fodden near Gunterfodden; by sheer chance, upon waking up, they only followed Weasler because the locket which gave the wielder mastery over them landed at his feet. Fed up of the poor treatment he had gotten from Imhotep, Weasler betrayed him and watched in delight as the Fodden froze Imhotep. The Fodden proceeded to attack the O'Connells, stranding them underneath a thick floor of ice, while taking Weasler to the Trident.

Eventually, the Fodden gave Weasler the trident just as the O'Connells freed themselves and Imhotep, who had also freed himself, arrived. The two sides attempted to sway him, the O'Connells pleading with him to freeze Imhotep while Imhotep promised to let him rule the world with him if he gave him the Trident. In the chaos, Rick tackled Weasler by surprise, allowing Alex to take the locket, giving him control of the Fodden. Setting the Fodden on Weasler and Imhotep, Weasler gave in and threw the Trident to Imhotep, who froze the Fodden. However, his victory was short-lived as dynamite that Rick had placed moments earlier before caused an avalanche, burying them both, causing the Trident to fly through the air and fall through a crack, becoming lost once again.

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