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Tsukai is a Warrior of the Book of the Dead summoned from the Underworld she appears in the third Scorpion King movie. She initially seems to be cold blooded, but is not without her honor as a warrior.

It is also a possibility that she is the most powerful of the Three Warriors of the Book of the Dead as she acts as the leader and when she engages in battle she uses magic to prevent her enemy weapons from hurting her. It should also be noted that when she was summoned she was the only one to seem angered asking who dared to summon them while the others were honored to be summoned.

She and her fellow warriors were summoned by Talus to defeat the resistance and kill its leader Cobra. She herself engaged in battle with Cobra as well as multiple warriors and despite her size defeated many opponents due to her supernatural strength, energy magic, and invulnerability.

When meeting the Scorpion King she insulted him and even stated she'd send him to be with his wife but he escaped. Later, Tsukai engaged in battle with Princess Silda. The two were very evenly matched, but Tsukai was eventually able to subdue Silda. Shortly thereafter, Tsukai swore her loyalty to Mathias when the Akkadian took the Book of the Dead back from Talus.