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Alex, how many times do I have to remind you that Tut and my nose don't get along?

Rick O'Connell on Tut provoking his allergies., The Deep Blue Sea

Tut was Alex O'Connell's pet mongoose around 1934 A.D.


While in India, Alex and his uncle Jonathan came across a Snake charmer that was playing a tune to a trained cobra] when Jonathan snatched the pungi that the charmer was using and played it wrong, drawing the cobra's anger. At that moment, a mongoose leaped to the scene and fought the cobra, chasing the serpent away, much to the snake charmer's chagrin. Alex decided to keep the mongoose and name him Tut, but his uncle warned him that Alex was lax when it came to his pets, citing the time that Alex's pet lizard was let loose in the British Museum of Antiquities, causing trouble.


A mischievous little animal, Tut was Alex's beloved pet, and provoked both Rick O'Connell's allergies and temper more than once.


Behind the Scenes

The chirping sounds that Tut makes are those of a spider monkey.

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