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We are part of an ancient secret society. For over three thousand years we have guarded the City of the Dead.

–- Ardeth Bay

I'm an bureaucrat on Rickipedia, part of the ancient community, also known as a Medjai. Message me if you spot any problems or vandalism and I shall guard the wiki till I live.

Hello to all there. I am Dr. Chamberlin, formerly of the New York Metropolitan Museum left under a cloud of scandal. I have somehow resurfaced from the death at the point of a curse to the present day where I now edit this Wiki as much as I possibly can.

I stumbled upon this Wiki one day as I was searching for anything at all and have since made it my task, indeed the very highlight of my existence online, to contribute to this website.


I just got back today, May 1st, 2015, and wow. There's been a lot of changes on here in my absence, I see: some of which are not for the better. I'll try and clean this place up, but there's so much to do, we'll yet see.

Favourite characters

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