…they’re supposed to be mythical!

Evelyn O'Connell upon seeing a water dragon in the Nile, Against the Elements

Water dragons were large dragon-like spirits made of water that served under the control of the High Priest Imhotep.

Long, serpentine creatures made entirely of water, water dragons were summoned from bodies of water such as lakes or rivers and did the bidding of their conjurer, usually to kill off whoever they were directed towards. Water dragons were thought to be fabled creatures, and they could stretch their bodily length to great extents over land to attack their quarry but if their source of water was cut off, they would dissipate at once. One water dragon was summoned up by Imhotep in 1934 A.D to attack the O'Connell family on the Nile river and the water dragon reached land when the O'Connells left the river but was stopped when Rick O'Connell cut off its water supply.


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