The Yeti, known colloquially as Abominable Snowmen by some, were a species of humanoid ape-like creatures that resided in the Himalayan Mountain region in Tibet.


The only instance thus far that modern humans interacted with these creatures close enough to at least study their appearance occurred in 1947 A.D, when an expedition led by the immortal Lin was venturing to find the lost paradise Shangri-La. When the group came under attack by the forces of General Yang and the resurrected Emperor Han, Lin sent out a cry for aid in the Yeti language. Answering the call was three such beasts who apparently knew Lin and were friendly to her.

At the time of 1947, there were at least three of these animals living in the Himalayas.

Behavior and Traits

For animals, the Yeti were mentally-advanced creatures with enough sentience to have their own language and to befriend other creatures including humans, cooperating well with those that could speak their tongue.

Yetis were roughly nine-feet tall, with thick white fur and blue eyes; agile, yet affable-natured creatures, Yeti had high intelligence; to the extent that they could express recognizable emotions, such as a sense of humor.


Behind the Scenes

The nature of the Yetis was based in part on the lively nature of linebackers in football, a choice made known by the writers of the third Mummy film.

The existence of the Yeti is disputed still, with many expeditions having gone to the Himalayas to find them. Some sources dictate that the Yeti is a surviving humanoid from prehistoric times, while many people of the Himalayan mountains believe that the Yeti is a spiritual shaman known as "Banjhakri".

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