The Zephyr was a zeppelin that was captained by Rick O'Connell and Evelyn O'Connell.


Upon hearing of her success in finding a Moorish bowl, the latest in a series of successful searches for artifacts, the Curator of the British Museum of Antiquities asked Evelyn O'Connell and her family to search full-time for artifacts, beginning with the search at the dig site in the ruins of the Egyptian necropolis, Hamunaptra. The Zephyr was stationed at an English airfield and was about to take off for Egypt when Jonathan Carnahan attempted to tag along to escape some local thugs to whom he owed money. Jonathan boarded the craft, and the family headed for Egypt.

Later, while in the ruin site, Alexander O'Connell was kidnapped by Imhotep himself and the Zephyr was driven to Saqqara, where Alex would be part of a ritual conducted by the cursed mummy Imhotep. During its flight, however, Imhotep launched a scarab at the airship, and the scarab multiplied into a rapacious swarm that tore a hole in the balloon, which was stoppered by Rick, who used his backside to stop the air from escaping from the hole that the scarabs made.


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