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Zulu Kondo was one of the undead Warriors of the Book. He described himself to Talus as the "Lion Spirit from the Land of the Burning Sky."

Zulu Kondo and his fellows, Agromeal and Tsukai, were called upon by Talus when the would-be king discovered the powers of the Book of the dead. Talus ordered Zulu Kondo and Tsukai to attack the Cobra's men who were the last line of resistance between him and domination of Ramusan's kingdom.

After a fierce battle, a large group of Cobra's men, along with Mathayus and Olaf, were able to subdue Zulu Kondo by roping his four limbs and hanging him high in the trees. Unable to defend himself, Zulu Kondo was vulnerable to attack and Mathayus was able to kill him by spitting alcohol through a torch and burning the warrior to death (again).

Later, when he does not appeared, Mathayus gained control of the Book, his comrades Tsukai and Argomael swore his loyalty to the Scorpion King.

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